Sexual Harassment Claims Are Not Limited to Bosses or Coworkers

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The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination outlaws any form of discrimination or harassment due to a protected trait in both the employment setting and in so-called "refusal to deal" cases between vendors and customers.  In the recent case of J.T.'s Tire Service v. United Rentals, 411 N.J.Super. 236 (App.Div. 2010), a woman who owns a tire company sued a rental company customer for terminating the business relationship after she refused the customer's sexual advances.   The court ruled that the woman's allegations of "quid pro quo" sexual harassment that resulted in the termination of the contract stated a cause of action for discriminatory refusal to do business in violation of the Law Against Discrimination.  While this court ruling dealt with harassment due to sex, this principle of law applies to harassment due to race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and any other protected characteristic.

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