Sexual Assault Crime

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Sexual assault generally refers to any crime in which the sex offender subjects the victim to sexual touching that is unwanted and offensive. Sexual assault can also include lower levels of sexual misconduct.  These crimes can range from sexual groping or assault/battery, to attempted rape.  The specifics sexual assault laws vary from state to state.  Victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse victims have often be subject to sexual assault.

Criminal Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is often committed by a man against a woman but can be man against a man, woman against a woman or adults against children.  Sex offenders can also be children, who in many cases have also been sexual abuse victims because of sexual misconduct forced on them by parents or other authority figures.

Domestic violence victims have found it easier to pursue criminal charges for sexual assault as police legislatures and the public has become more sensitive to the notion that sexual misconduct can occur even in situations where the parties are married.

Sexual Assault in the Military

Sexual Assault has historically been a problem in settings where people are changing traditional roles.  The U.S. Military has had and still has problems with sexual assault.  Evidence of this problem are such situations as the Tailhook Scandal, assaults on trainees in Aberdeen MD and most recently assaults at the U.S. Air Force Academy in 2003.

Sexual Assault Legal Help

Sexual assault is a serious crime.  Anyone charged with the crime needs legal counsel.  If you are a victim of sexual assault, you should consult an experienced criminal sexual assault lawyer, especially if such assault occurred in an institutional setting such as the military, the police, or other male dominated group.