Workplace Sexual Harassment Using Glass Ceiling

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At my place of work, there has always been a "glass ceiling" for female workers. Right now, we have a supervisor who takes full advantage of this by telling some of the female employees that if they want to break the "glass ceiling" they need to be more "friendly" to him. This includes allowing him to comment on how "sexy" they look in their clothes and allowing him to hug them. I feel this is sexual harassment as well as demeaning to us women who work hard for our employer. Should I report my supervisor's actions to someone higher up at my work place?


Sexual harassment is a form of unfair workplace discrimination. It can include conduct such as touching and uninvited sexual advances. It can also consist of an employee's supervisor conditioning certain job benefits (promotions, continuing employment) on the employee accepting the supervisor's sexual advances and other conduct.

This appears to be happening where you work. Your supervisor is implying that the female employees can advance (break the glass ceiling) if they allow him to sexually harass them. Commenting on how "sexy" they look or touching them is sexual harassment. You should report the supervisor's actions to his superior or your human resource department. If the harasser is an employee's supervisor, and the employee later sues for sexual harassment and discrimination, an employer may be held strictly liable for the supervisor's conduct. But the employer needs to be made aware of the occurrence of sexual harassment so that he or she can remedy the situation.