Sexual Harassment Terms

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Abuse: Any type of treatment that is harmful, injurious, or threatening.

Confidentiality: An agreement that the information that you share with someone will not be shared with others without your permission.

Defense Mechanisms: An unconscious way of dealing with difficult situations.

Emotional Abuse: Any abuse that causes or intends to cause emotional damage.

Flashbacks: Vivid images that may include sensations of smell, sound, touch, or taste that can appear without apparent cause.

Gang Rape: A rape where there is more than one offender.

Heterosexism: The assumption that everyone is heterosexual or the assumption that only heterosexuality is the "norm."

Insight: A sudden realization, discovery, or recognition of something that you did not know or understand before.

Mental Abuse: A blanket term for emotional, intellectual or psychological abuse.

Offender/Perpetrator: The person who commits a sexual assault or is the person who commits abuse on another person.

Physical Abuse: Any physical injury, threat of injury, or threat of a situation that has a risk of physical harm, disfigurement, or death.

Repression: A defense mechanism that involves blocking out traumatic memories or feelings, unconsciously, because you are not able or willing to deal with them.

Secondary Survivor: Anyone who has an important person in their life that has been the victim or survivor of physical, mental or emotional abuse, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or incest.