Sexual Harassment of Men

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Men filed 12,700 sexual harassment cases in 2009.  The majority of sexual harassment lawsuits are filed by women.  However, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission statistics show that sexual harassment claims by men have greatly increased from 8% of all sexual harassment claims in 1990 to 16% in 2009.

It is unclear the specific reason why men are filing more sexual harassment lawsuits now versus the 1990s.  It may be that in the past it was considered taboo and career suicide for a man to file a claim of sexual harassment.  You may recall the movie Disclosure starring Michael Douglas and Demi Moore that was released in 1994.  The theme of the movie was that Michael Douglas' character is sexually harassed by his new boss and former lover.  When the movie was released critics and viewers found the plot line to be unbelievable and doubted that a man would accuse a woman of sexual harassment and be able to prove it.

But in 2009, it seems that more people are realizing the men can be sexually harassed, thus reflecting the increase in sexual harassment claims filed by men. It may also be that changes in the perceptions of gender equality have allowed men to feel less embarassed about filing a sexual harassment claim.

If you have been sexually harassed, please contact an employment attorney to discuss the matter and the employment attorney can provide you with details regarding your ability to prove your case.

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From the author: New Jersey Labor and Sexual Harassment Attorneys