Sexual Harassment Documentation

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Sexual Harassment is one of the most difficult workplace issues to which any employee can be subjected.  It is illegal and there are actions that you can to protect yourself.  If you are a victim of sexual discrimination and want to take action documentation is important.

Harassment in the Workplace

Hostile work environment harassment may be one of the more difficult forms of sexual discrimination to document.

  • Quid pro quo sexual discrimination occurs when a direct supervisor requests sexual favors in return for something directly in that supervisor’s ability to give.
  • Hostile environment sexual harassment is a situation where employees in a workplace are subject to unwanted sexual behavior from persons who are not in a supervisory position or instances where the behavior is quid pro quo" made known to a supervisor or manager who does nothing to stop the behavior. 

Sexual Harassment Documentation

With the advent of TMZ and You tube, it would be great to catch sexual harassment on video.  There may be issues with the legality of using such a sexual harassment video if the person was unaware of the tape.  Other methods to document harassment are:

  • Keeping a diary of the dates, times and type of harassment
  • Making complaints to your supervisor in writing
  • Keep copies of email, or other suggestive material you may receive

Sexual Harassment Documentation Legal Help

You definitely need legal counsel in this situation.  A sexual harassment lawyer experienced in employment law and sexual discrimination would be your best source of information about how to document your case.  A lawyer can also assist you with filing a claim with EEOC. (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)