Stalking Harassment Defenition and Examples

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Stalking is a relatively new crime in which an offender engages in a clear pattern of conduct, which in the offender follows, harasses, or threatens another person, putting that person in fear for his or her safety.

Determining Stalking Intention

  • No pre-existing relationship must exist between victim and offender
  • Victims range from celebrities to former spouses with protective orders against their ex- spouses
  • Methods of stalking include threatening emails, or text messages, a form of cyberstalking
  • Phone calls in the middle of the night
  • Following the victim home from work or other activities
  • Sexual stalking is often a preliminary action before a violent attack
  • Keeping copies of texts, emails, or other forms of stalking harassment is important to prove to authorities that you are being stalked. 
  • Stalking was criminalized first by California in 1990 after several actors were killed or attacked by stalkers.  Every state had criminalized stalking within three years after California’s action.

Erotomanic Stalking

Stalking can also be a symptom of erotomania.  Erotomania is defined as a type of delusional disorder in which the subject harbors a delusion that a particular person is deeply in love with them; lack of response is rationalized, and pursuit and harassment may occur.  People who stalk celebrities often suffer from erotomania.

Sexual Harassment Stalking Legal Help

Stalking has become a more serious issue, especially with the advances in technology.  If you believe, you may be a victim of stalking, consult with an experience sexual harassment stalking lawyer to get advice on how to protect yourself.