Can I Afford a Sexual Harassment Lawyer? What do they Cost?

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I have been practicing employment law for more than 25 years. For the first 16 years, I mainly represented the employer. For the last 9 years, I and my partner Rob Croskery have been representing victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault, as well as victims of other kinds of discrimination such as age, race, disability, etc.

Not Everyone Can Afford to Pay for a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Unfortunately, people in a position of power and influence often choose low income people to victimize, thinking that they will not be able to afford a lawyer. Many lawyers are willing to work on a contingent fee basis, which means that we do not charge an hourly rate for our time, and instead we take a percentage of whatever money settlement or verdict we can obtain at the end of the case. However, in those cases, there is still the matter of out of pocket expenses, such as postage, copy charges,  and filing fees and court costs, just to name a few. Many lawyers who are willing to work on a contingent fee basis nevertheless charge a retainer before agreeing to meet with a client in order to fund the out of pocket costs of the case.

Loss of Employment Can Make Things Worse

I understand that many people who have been victimized do not have the money to pay a lawyer anything, much less a $500 to $1,000 retainer fee. Because many employees who refuse sexual requests from their managers or who complain about being sexually harassed are fired for refusing /complaining, they are out of a job and experience severe financial distress as a result. This may explain why the harassers think that they can get away with their bad behavior, because they think that their victim has no options and no ability to afford an attorney.

Many Attorneys Will Take on a Case at No Cost to Their Client

I take a great deal of pleasure in representing such people who are down and out and in need of legal help, but simply can’t afford it. I do not charge ANYTHING to sign up a client who has been victimized, once I have determined that the client has a case. In other words, I will take a case for free, at least initially, and then will cover the costs of the case until the case is resolved, at which point I will pay myself back for my out of pocket expenses.   Rob Croskery also takes certain qualified discrimination cases for free initially.

If the case has to be filed in court, these out of pocket expenses grow and can become substantial as the cases proceeds to trial.  Sometimes the expenses are in the $5,000 range, which means that this amount is paid by Croskery Law Offices on behalf of the client on the expectation that we will be able to prevail at trial and collect a settlement or verdict that will allow us to pay ourselves back, and still get a financial recovery for the client. 

Do not hesitate to call me for a free consultation about the strength of your case. You do not need to have money to hire our law office to represent you, if you have a strong case and the law supports your claim. Click here to contact a lawyer now. Also, check out our website for more information about the firm and the law at