Sexual Education Topics and Discussion

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Sexual Education or sex education is the process of teaching persons about sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, reproductive health, sexual intercourse.  Historically sex education was limited to whatever information a person was given by parents or relatives.  In the twentieth century, sex education began to be taught in schools as health courses.  There has always been controversy over whether schools should teach children about sexual reproduction reproductive health, sexual intercourse, and contraception.

Teen Pregnancy and Sex Education

One of the major issues involving sex education is whether learning about sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse, and sexual anatomy will make teenagers more sexually active.  One school of thought is that teenagers will be sexually active whether you teach them about sex or not.  The high rate of teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases requires that children be educate to protect themselves.  The other school of thought believes children should be taught abstinence and nothing else.

Sex Ed Debate

The other issue regarding sex education in schools is how early such education should begin. Some advocates believe that waiting until a child reaches 7th or 8th grade is too late.  They believe it should begin as early as 5th or 6th grade.

Sex Education Legal Help

If you have concerns about whether sex education should be a subject in your school or the nature of the subject in your school, consult a lawyer that specializes in education matters.  A sex ed lawyer would be your best source of the status of the laws in your state and what actions are available to you.