Criminal Sexual Predator

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Sexual Predator is a term that has come to mean many different things depending upon the situation in which it is used.  It has been used to define sex offenders, someone guilty of violent sexual acts or sexual battery.  It has defined persons with sexual addictions.

Sex Offender vs Sexual Predator: Differences

The law in many jurisdictions makes a distinction between a sex offender and a sexual predator.

  • A sex offender is someone who has committed a sexual offense.
  • Some states defined a sexual predator as someone who has committed a sexual offense of any kind against a child.
  • Other states define sexual predators as habitual sex offenders and require these persons to register on a sex offenders list. 

Internet Sexual Predator

The term sexual predator has gotten most of its use in relation to the internet.  At one point, estimates were that there were as many as 50,000 sexual predators online at any one time.  There is some dispute as to whether these estimates are accurate or if politicians and others to push another agenda are using the fear of sexual predators.  There is also the concern that the internet and the amount of pornography on the internet feeds or creates sex addictions and violent sexual acts.

Sexual Predator Victim Legal Help

If you are facing criminal charges that include being labeled a sexual predator, you should seek legal counsel immediately.  It is equally important to seek legal counsel to protect yourself if you believe you are the victim of sexual predator.