Determining and Awareness of Sexual Molestation

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Sexual molestation is usually associated with the sexual exploitation of children although a sexual molestation can refer to other forms of sexual abuse from groping to rape.  Legally depending on the jurisdiction, sexual molestation may not involve sexual penetration.

Sexual Molestation vs Sexual Exploitation

Sexual Molestation

A term defining offenses in which an adult engages in non-penetrative activity with a minor for the purpose of sexual gratification; for example, exposing a minor to pornography or to the sexual acts of others.

Sexual Exploitation

A term defining offenses in which an adult victimizes a minor for advancement, sexual gratification, or profit; for example, prostituting a child, and creating or trafficking in child pornography.

The majority of child molesters are male, but there are female molesters.  Studies show that a significant percentage of child molesters were sexually abused as children as well.  Most child molesters are also people that are known to the victim such as relatives or friends.

Awareness of Sexual Molestation

Awareness of the dangers and consequences of sexual exploitation, and sexual abuse has caused an increase in civil actions for child molestation.  The most notable of these civil actions in recent history has been the suits against the Catholic Church for sexual abuse by Catholic Priests resulting in multi-million dollar settlements.

Sexual Molestation Legal Help

Victims of child molesters should consider legal counsel.  A sexual molestation lawyer would be able to protect the victim from being victimized by the system when involved in criminal proceedings.  Additionally a lawyer could assist in pursing a civil claims or actions on behalf of the victim.