The Truth about Voluntary Sexual Harassment

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When you are at work and you are having sexual relations with your employer, it can become very complicated to know whether or not you are a part of sexual harassment or not. This is because of some woman at time feeling as though they may be pressured to sleep with their boss so in turn doing so out of fear of losing their job. If you are feeling as though you are being pressured to have sex with your employer you should come forward about it rather than going through with sexual acts. This is because of the way that it can affect the emotions of the employee in question but also because unless the sexual acts are involuntary they are not considered to be sexual harassment charges.

What is or is not sexual harassment

The act of voluntarily having sex with an employer can be considered simply voluntary sex. There are some situations where this changes but most situations will be judged and if both members agree that the sex was voluntary then the woman or man who was the employee was not a part of sexual harassment. However, if the woman had her job literally threatened if she were not to have sex with an employer then it could be considered to be sexual harassment under sexual harassment law. The situations can change depending on the relationship of the employee and the employer as well.

Essentially, you are only being sexually harassed if it is involuntary. There are different types of sexual harassment such as verbal sexual harassment, physical sexual harassment and more. In addition there are other forms of sexual harassment that this can lead to. For instance, if you had a sexual relationship with your boss but you and that boss were to separate, if that boss where to demote you from your current job due to that separation that would be considered a form of harassment.

Can I get in trouble for these acts?

Legally speaking, if the acts where voluntary then there was not a foul. If they were not voluntary then it would be judged if the accuser where telling the truth. This is because of many false claims that are made for the profit of an individual. What would be judged would not only be the statements that are given while you are under oath but also it would be judged if the acts where unwelcomed or not. This means that what an employee wears, the language that they use, the way they act and more would be taken into consideration and judged for if that person was making advances.

The sad fact is that for some an advance may be against their will but they may have made past advances. This can change the opinion of the court but does not mean that if a person was sexually harassed that they should not come forward and make sure that it does not happen to another individual in the workplace.

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