Understanding Online Sexual Harassment

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With the way that modern technology works, people now have the ability to talk not only over the phone, through note or in person but also over the internet. While this is a wonderful advance in communication it also opens the door to risks and online sexual harassment bullying. This is something that some people now have to deal with and where they may not know exactly what they can do about the actions of another person when the sexual harassment is online.

Some Things You can Do to Prevent Online Sexual Harassment

One of the main things that a person can do in order to prevent sexual harassment online from happening to them is make sure that while they are at work they do not use their work computer for activities such as chatting, messaging and more if it is not needed for their job. This can also in some cases help a person to be able to prevent sexual harassment law suits that could happen because of unprofessional internet office use. This also means no website, such as pornography, that could also cause other types of workplace sexual harassment cases along with law suits if the employee where to be caught violating sexual harassment policies.

Along with the internet making communication available, they also have found ways to filter communication. This means that you can also find ways of filtering your messages and more to avoid sexual harassment issues. One major suggestion would be that you try and get a filter that makes sure the messages you are receiving are appropriate and of a content that you actually want to read. If you have a husband or wife who you may be communicating through this method wit while traveling you do not need to worry because you can have some e-mails that are not blocked as long as you proclaim them to be safe.

What to Do if it Happens to You

Some sexual harassment complaints go beyond internet but this can some of the time be stopped. In order for this to be less likely you will not want to give out any personal information through the internet. If you are being sexually harassed through the internet there are some ways that you can fight back to stop sexual harassment. These ways depend on the form of contacting the person may be using. If you are in a chat room and this is a person you have not previously talked to or where the harassment was not as serious as it could have been you are able to report them to the website.

If the sexual harassment is much more serious you will want to have proof of what happened through a recorded screen shot, a print out of an e-mail or another form. If you know the information of the person and they also have your information and you are worried that something may happened or they may try to meet you, you can also contact your local sheriff or even get a restraining order against them if needed.

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